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Drop-Out Prevention

LOHI School Drop-Out Prevention Program

A new regulation in Vietnam will leave 451 children hungry, and has placed the education of hundreds of impoverished children at risk in Van Yen.

Children are housed at their schools, with their families living up to 12 km away. Due to decision 861, previously subsidized meals for the children have been cut. Impoverished families who can not afford school meals now have no choice but to pull their children from school and put them to work in the fields.

Many local officials and government workers in Van Yen have volunteered to deduct a portion of their salaries to help provide for the children, but have not been able to provide enough to solve the problem.

Project LOHI is asking supporters to help keep a child in school by providing the funds necessary to feed them. For just $20 a month you can directly help a child get three meals a day and an education.

451 Children to drop out, hungry

Project LOHI firmly believes that all children, impoverished or not, need and deserve education. The brutal cycle of poverty is nearly inescapable without education. It’s paramount that we help keep these children in school. With your generosity, we can give these disadvantaged children a chance to get an education and build a life for themselves.

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Words from our Donors & Volunteers

Thank you, Project LOHI, for teaching us all that we don’t need to be wealthy in order to make a great, positive impact on the lives of others. I commend their transparency with donors and the time they take to follow up with the growth of the sponsored families. I’m proud to continue to support an organization that focuses on keeping youth in school and providing families with the tools they need to better their lives.

Michelle CastilloProject LOHI Donor

Being part of LOHI didn't feel like volunteering. It felt more like helping family members with your other family members. If you ever get a chance to be part of LOHI, consider yourself fortunate, because this is something you'll be proud of for the rest of your life. Only when you meet the lovely people of LOHI in person will you fully understand what I mean. I hope to be a part of LOHI forever.

Rahul PalavProject LOHI Volunteer

I only want to lead the example every day to help one another! It starts with one action, one person to make a difference and have many follow! When I first heard of Project LOHI I fell in love! They help children and families who are less fortunate. I am doing this for my children, for my family, my friends, and everyone watching, in hopes that inspiration and change happens! No one in this world should be without. I love kids and want to spread my love as far as I can!

Gloria TorresDonor, Tattoo and MUA, and proud Mom!

Donating to LOHI brings peace of mind in knowing that every single dollar will benefit a family in need. Low overhead high impact, that’s exactly what this team delivers on. The transparency I see with this team eliminates any doubts that I may have in knowing that they are using the funds appropriately. Although I’m thousands of miles away I know that I too am doing my part in helping these families who desperately need our help. It’s exciting to see the impact and movement LOHI has been able to accomplish given the resources they have.

Jacqueline MezaProject LOHI Donor

I came to Asia with a desire to use my skills to help people in need. When I found LOHI I was blown away by the dedication of the team to help disadvantaged children. They’re the real deal. They pour so much of themselves into their work; their only wish is for the kids they support to be full-bellied and in school with a fair chance in life. I joined them because I believe in them. They’re literally enabling children to have a better future every day. It's incredible.

Dakota BrinkertProject LOHI Volunteer

Thank you Project LOHI for helping me realize my dream: to (financially) adopt an orphan before the age of 30. It is very emotional to see Quyen and Trinh growing up day by day. The project has helped people living far from Vietnam like us understand better the hardships of impoverished people in our country, and have an opportunity to help them change their lives.

Vivien Nguyen (Singapore)Project LOHI Donor

I am very happy to be one of LoHi's donors and “adopt” an orphan in Thanh Hoa province. This work helps me to fulfill my wish: making sacrifices without asking for returns, pleasing the Father in Heaven in the love of everyone.

Claire Hoang (Braselton, Georgia)Project LOHI Donor

I met with LOHI by accident and expressed my wish to help children in need. LOHI’s team is very enthusiastic and compassionate; I am so happy to share company with them. Thank you LOHI for giving me this opportunity. I wish the project continues to develop to benefit more children.

Quang Nguyen (Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam)Project LOHI Donor

The best time to do good things is right now. More than anyone else, I understand very well the value of even 1 million dong when it comes at the right time. Thank you for creating this project and making my small amount of money useful.

Hue Le (Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam)Project LOHI Donor
You can change a child's life forever

A small monthly donation will

provide desperately-needed food tuition clothing school supplies hope for disadvantaged children

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Together we can make a difference •

Together we can make a difference •

Together we can make a difference •

Together we can make a difference •

Together we can make a difference •

Together we can make a difference •

Together we can make a difference •

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